ADIPEC – Our Global Business Associates and Partners to Come to Witness CAMTECH’s Growth at Abu Dhabi, on 15th-18th November 2021

ADIPEC,the most promising and influential industry platform for Energy Sector had successfully conducted the online virtual exposition in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, Albeit, we are excited to announce that 2021, ADIPEC will welcome once again to all the important industrial partners and business associates around the globe to meet on 15th -18th November 2021 in Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibitions and Conference.

CAMTECH MANUFACTURING FZCO has performed nicely and precisely with promising growth in 2020 regardless of the pandemic challenges brought upon us. Throughout times, we have executed successfully various major turn-key projects globally without compromising the lead time commitment, products ,service and quality

Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary, Managing Director of CAMTECH MANUFACTURING FZCO has continuously motivated CAMTECH teams during the unprecedented global crisis. CAMTECH’s growth has not been stagnant, On the contrary, we have invested more machineries during the pandemic year of 2019-2020 in the purpose of upgrading our efficacy and quality as a whole.

We sincerely invite our global business associates and partners to come to witness CAMTECH’s growth and to share our story joint-handedly at Hall 11, Stand 11650, on 15th-18th November 2021

 **Looking Forward To Seeing You All Once Again**

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Response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak – Camtech Manufacturing FZCO

Dear CAMTECH Customer,

Please find enclosed the measures put in place by CAMTECH Manufacturing FZCO, Dubai UAE. The objective is to ensure the safety of employees and external partners to protect customers and stakeholders and ensure continuity of business.

In particular:

  • CAMTECH has established a crisis team. It has been immediately activated to respond to all the requests related to the COVID-19 situation and act accordingly. Measures are always in line with the provisions of the official authorities and stakeholders. We work to protect our employees and subcontractors minimizing any risk that could affect their or others health.
  • We aim to minimize business impact, avoiding postponements and cancellations as much as we can by applying alternative work techniques. We are providing guidance on how to operate to fulfil commitment and authorities requirements related to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • To be cautious, we are reducing the organization of physical meetings to a minimum, using online communication and collaboration tools (telephone discussion, skype calls, etc.). This will continue for the time being. We are doing everything possible to ensure that all our employees and external partners comply with the above measures, through timely and regular communications.
  • We confirm that, to date, no employee at Camtech Manufacturing is affected by the COVID-19 virus. As a precautionary measure, The employees who are affected by some illness, will working remotely. This decision is based on the latest updates and recent instructions from the central and local official authorities.
  • All employees residing or having transited in areas where quarantine measures are applied have been instructed to observe quarantine measures.
  • As a precautionary measure, our employees and external partners entering Camtech premises are scanned for high temperatures and reported. If fever is noticed, they are asked to seek medical attention immediately and are not allowed to enter the premises.
  • In order to take a precaution & avoid transmission of COVID-19 through PPE’s, CAMTECH Temporarily banned Providing PPE’s like Helmets, Safety Vests & Safety Goggles etc., to all visitors. CAMTECH Request visitors to bring the Necessary PPE like (safety vest, safety Helmet, Safety glass, hand gloves, face mask, ear plugs) as applicable to the purpose of the visit. Personnel, coming without their own PPE’s are not allowed to enter Camtech Facility.

For the protection of everyone’s health and safety, CAMTECH employees and any other external partners shall not enter CAMTECH offices or customers’ premises in case of:

  1. flu symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties;
  2. you have made recent trips to countries considered a high contamination risk
  3. you have come in direct contact with person(s) tested positive for COVID-19 and/or subject to influenza symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties.

For operational issues and detailed information on ongoing projects, please refer to our internal CAMTECH contact(s). We will keep you updated with further communications in case of new directions to be implemented from official authorities. CAMTECH is committed to providing the best service to its customers on a continual basis and will continue strive for this, while respecting the situation we are experiencing.

For any medical support or inquiry in UAE , please contact:

“Estijaba” service at the operation center – Department of Health at 8001717

Ministry of Health & Prevention at 80011111

Dubai Health Authority at 800342

Best Regards,
Dhananjay Choudhary
Managing Director

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What is Cast Steel Valve? How Cast Steel Valves Work?

A valve helps in regulating the direction of the flow of a fluid. It does so, by obstructing its various passageways and partially blocking them. The industrial use of valves is the highest and is mostly used to control their processes. Industries such as sewage processing, power generation, petroleum and gas production, and many others use valves for control purposes.

Camtech Manufacturing Koda

What is a Cast Steel Valve?

Cast Steel Valves are types of valves made from cast steel, which is a material containing some ferrous alloy having a maximum carbon content of approximately 0.75%. The oil industries use these valves in their fluid handling systems as a controlling element. They do so by regulating the flow of the fluid, preventing any backflow, and also by regulating the pressure of the system. There are a lot of different types of cast steel valves. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Gate Valves- These valves help in regulating the flow in one direction in the entire system. These perform the best, either when fully open or fully closed. Valves like these are mainly used at places where a minimum pressure drop is necessary or important.
  • Globe Valves- These types of valves are used for throttling services. However, when the pressure drop exceeds 20%, they must be used cautiously, as extreme throttling may result in excessive noise and possible damage to the pipes as well as, to the valves.
  • Swing Check Valves- These valves mostly provide low resistance to the flow of fluid and are most suited to low-velocity services. They are mostly used to prevent backflow in pipelines.
  • Stop Check Valves- These kinds of valves are not like globe check valves; they have no mechanical connection between the stem and the disc. They are mostly used in the steam boiler outlet and their function is to prevent the backflow of fluid from the header to the boiler.

How do Cast Steel Valves Work?

There are a lot of different ways of controlling these cast steel valves, depending upon the kind of work they do. There are different operating positions of valves, two of which are

  • Two-way port valves which can either be fully shut or fully closed. The valves are either completely open or closed for full flow or none at all. Many valves aren’t exactly designed to control an intermediate flowing level accurately. Two-way port valves are one of them.
  • Three-port valves are ones that have T or L-shaped passageways for fluids in the rotor. T-valves might be used for permitting connections of one inlet to one or two outlets. The L-valve could be used for permitting the disconnection of both or connection of either one, but not both inlets to one outlet.

Dhananjay Choudhary, who is the manager and director of Camtech Manufacturing FZCO, located in Dubai, has enough skill and knowledge about everything that’s needed to be known to own a giant oil refinery.

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